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    Bayberry Hills – The Links


If you are looking for a different brand of golf on Cape Cod, look no further, and come and play our Links course at Bayberry Hills. This 9 hole course is set up the old fashioned way; no trees, rolling hills, and wispy fescue. This links course consists of mostly shorter par 4s, two long and windy par 5s, and a pair of par 3s. From the first hole to the finishing hole (an amazing par 3 over a pond), you will have a fantastic golf experience the way Old Tom Morris intended.



Course Tour

  • Hole #1

    Hole #1
    Hole 1 is a par 3 with a very large green. There is a bunker on the right side and back side of the green, so short is better than long with this hole.
  • Hole #2

    Hole #2
    Hole 2 is a short par 4 strong dog leg to the left. The left side of this whole is protected with fescue and mounds of long grass, so there is some risk reward with where you try and place the tee shot.
  • Hole #3

    Hole #3
    Hole 3 is a slight dog leg to the left par 4. Bunkers protect either side of the fairway and green.
  • Hole #4

    Hole #4
    Hole 4 is also a dog left to the left. It is a par 4 with little to no room along the right side, as it turns into a large hill sloping from left to right down into a large amount of fescue. The left side of the fairway leads uphill to the large two tiered
  • Hole #5

    Hole #5
    Hole 5 is the first par 5 on the links. A dog leg to the right, this hole has many areas protecting the fairway on the tee shot including bunkers and fescue. A blind second shot then leads to a downhill approach to a back to front sloping green.
  • Hole #6

    Hole #6
    The 6th hole is the longest par 4 on the links, turning to the left towards an uphill green. The left side of the fairway has a bunker, forcing players to play their tee shot towards the right center of the fairway.
  • Hole #7

    Hole #7
    Hole 7 provides a lot of risk reward. It is a short downhill par 4, but with many bunkers leading all the way down the hill to the green. The green is severely sloped from back to front, with a drop-off into long grass behind it. Plyers must choose wisely on how to attack this opportunistic par 4.
  • Hole #8

    Hole #8
    Hole 8 is a long windy par 5. The fairway leads to the right side, but then back to the left for your lay-up, with a large hazard area protecting the right side of the hole. This all leads back to the right, downhill towards the large green.
  • Hole #9

    Hole #9
    Our finishing hole on the links is a par 3 over a pond. One of our more majestic tee shots, this hole provides a challenge as you must clear the pond and avoid the bunker guarding the left side of the green. There is a bail out area on the right side of the hole, which then calls for a precise short game.